California Dried Fruit Company

We began as a family farm in the 1800′s, right here in Fresno, and today we’re a leading grower and packer of dried fruits and fruit products.

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All-Natural Midway Farms Dried Fruit Butters and Purees

California's Ultimate Ingredient

These products are made using the basic natural ingredients we’ve handled for years - and our own patented innovative process that takes advantage of our heritage and experience as a dried fruit processor.

Midway Farms Dried Fruit Butters and Purees are available for the industrial food ingredient market and the food service industry.

Bulk Raisins and Prunes

California Dried Fruit Co. is a licensed and bonded raisin and dried fruit processor with 70 years of experience. We are a member of the Raisin Administrative Committee, and the California Prune Board.

Dried Fruit Purees

Midway Farms Fruit Purees are an innovative, superior product that is a direct replacement for existing dried fruit pastes. Our pureed dried fruit is an easy-to-use, high-quality ingredient.

Dried Fruit Butters

Our patented process is a revolutionary advance in dried fruit processing. We process dried fruits into a smooth and delicious butter-like consistency, removing the skin of the fruit, leaving only the meat.