About Us

California Dried Fruit, Inc. is a Fresno, California based grower and packer of dried fruits. In 2000, we developed an innovative process that takes advantage of our heritage as a dried fruit processor to bring value-added packaging and processing to the basic raw ingredients we have handled for years. This ground-breaking process allows us to manufacture all-natural dried fruit butters and purees for the industrial food ingredient market, food service industry and retail applications.

OurĀ  products and services can be fairly characterized as conventional, evolutionary and revolutionary.


Acquiring Handler for Raisins and Dried Plums: California Dried Fruit is a member of the Raisin Administrative Committee and the California Prune Board.

Dried Fruit Handling and Packing: Complementing our packing and handling operation, is state-of-the-art packaging equipment that provides a service to outside packers as well as a value-added process for internal operations.


Dried Fruit Purees: California Dried Fruit purees are an evolutionary product, in that the process developed creates a superior end product that is a direct replacement for existing dried fruit paste products. For example, raisin paste is a common ingredient in steak sauce. Use of raisin puree allows food manufacturers to increase production and lower costs and yield a superior tasting product.


Dried Fruit Butter: Our patent pending process is a revolutionary advance in dried fruit processing. The new and improved technique processes dried fruits into a butter-like consistency, by removing the skin portion of the fruit, leaving only the meat portion of the fruit.

California Dried Fruit has contracted with a noted food technologist to develop new product formulas specifically as a flavoring for diary and soy products such as cream cheese, yogurt, butter spreads, milk, ice cream and sorbets. Dried fruit butters also represent a new entry into the jam and jelly market.

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