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Date Paste


California Dried Fruit is an established puree manufacturer that specializes in products derived from dried fruits. 

  • California Dried Fruit purees are widely used in baby foods, bakeries, and as spreads. Our most popular flavors are raisin, prune, date, and fig. 

  • With clean heavy metal and microbiological testing, our purees are some of the safest products on the market. All products are available in conventional and organic. 

  • Contact Us for more information about our fruit purees. 

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Custom Bulk Manufacturing

California Dried Fruit offers custom manufacturing of purees. 


Custom Manufacturing Options Include: 

  • Our exclusive "Butters" line of products. "Butters" are high brix purees that can be used as is or as a standard puree by simply adding water. Butter products are sieved so small, we can turn standard fig puree into a seedless fig butter!

  • Processing to order. We can process your fruit into puree and match your desired specifications. 

  • Ingredient added purees. Although our standard line of flavors has no added ingredients, we offer custom manufacturing with added ingredients like cocoa or cinnamon. 

Bulk Packaging Options for Purees/Butters


California Dried Fruit is a bulk paste manufacturer. 

Can custom process both dry and soft pastes.

Flavors include raisin, date, fig, and others by request.

Can match any specification.

Packed in 40 lb Cases standard or drums/pails by request.

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